Worldwide Mental Health Initiative’s Work

Our Initiatives

WMHI works with governments and medical communities in developing countries to create successful mental health awareness programs and develop strategies to raise awareness of mental health issues . WMHI is working towards establishing mental health programs in these regions to raise awareness and train local healthcare providers to better diagnose and treat mental illness. Below are the first WMHI initiatives.

Bangladesh Initiative

The Bangladesh Initiative is WMHI’s first effort in Southeast Asia. We are fortunate to enjoy a great deal of support from local heathcare professionals and government officials alike in Bangladesh. Our goal is to host seven regional mental health training seminars in Bangladesh, one in each region of the country.

WMHI has facilitated a collaborative effort between the government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, academics and mental health care professionals located throughout the country. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to most effectively increase awareness as we disseminate information about mental health issues.

WMHI utilizes funds raised from both private and public sources to create a regionally specific and appropriate curriculum for each training seminar and works to provide skilled presenters for each event. Additionally, we seek to subsidize some of the attendees' transportation to the training seminars, particularly when such events are held in remote and rural areas.

WMHI's director, David Sternfield, has worked in conjunction with non-profit organizations and the Bangladeshi government by participating in the opening of The Center for Neurodevelopment & Autism in 2010 in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2010. Our organization looks forward to collaborating with the dedicated staff of the Center for Neurodevelopment and Autism and others throughout Bangladesh on this initiative.

United States Initiative

WMHI seeks to develop mental health training seminars in both inner-city Chicago and in rural America, targeting that state's underserved populations. Our goal is to host one day-long seminars in each of these regions that will involve local community leaders, institutions of higher learning and healthcare communities.

Inner city populations throughout the United States experience a lack of resources combined with significant population in the lower socioeconomic sphere. These populations will significantly benefit from seminars to be attended by members of the healthcare and academic communities who will in turn disseminate the information presented at seminars to these underserved populations. This event will also feature political attendees and representative members of all religious communities. WMHI aims make a difference worldwide, beginning with its own backyard, Chicago, Illinois.

Director Sternfield has lectured extensively on mental health issues in his home state of Illinois, throughout the United States and internationally. Doing so has allowed him to interface with numerous government officials and community leaders and assist these individuals with matters related to mental health issues. Additionally, Director Sternfield has extensive ties to the academic and legal communities in the Chicago area and aims to utilize these relationships to further WMHI’s United States Initiative.‚Äč