A Global Charity Committed to Assisting Individuals with Mental Illness

Mental health conditions present serious physical, emotional, social and financial burdens on individuals and their families. Too many individuals with mental illness simply slip through the cracks of our society. These burdens are magnified in areas that lack the resources to properly address these challenges. Worldwide Mental Health Initiatives ("WMHI")'s mission is to increase the availability of necessary mental health resources so that all people receive the mental healthcare services they require.

WMHI strives to increase mental health awareness and treatment in underserved regions throughout the world which desperately lack proper services for individuals with mental illnesses. WMHI’s first planned initiatives as an organization are to bring mental health training seminars to inner-city Chicago, the Native American population of rural Montana and the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

These seminars will focus on training in the diagnosis, treatment and care of individuals suffering from mental illness. Early diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is critical to the vitality of children with these disorders and improves their ability to become productive members of society. Mental health awareness also has a critical impact on the treatment of those who suffer from mental illnesses, which are frequently misunderstood. Tragically, these individuals are often forgotten, abused, neglected and/or stigmatized.

World Mental Health Initiatives is Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois

With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, WMHI is well situated to coordinate this effort from within the United States. WMHI works closely with the World Health Organization, the United Nations, heads of state and U.S. lawmakers to achieve this goal. Learn more about WMHI.